RC Drift Cars

rc drift car 1

These tiny drift cars look sick! Just as much fun and customization as a life size car without the worries of a wreck!

Via: http://bit.ly/1p5byRy

Rc drift car 2

I love how each one has such a uniqueness to it.

From: http://bit.ly/1p5byRy

RC-drift car 3


Doesn’t this thing look like a normal sized car? make sure you look close!

via: http://bit.ly/1l0eysh


rc drift car 4

Fun or just over the top? Let us know what you think!!!

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Overly Haulin #2

Overload motorcycle 2

Look at the guy on the bike trying to keep things from falling!
photo via:http://bit.ly/1byPrg6

overloaded motorcycle 1

I don’t even know how this is physically possible!
from: http://bit.ly/1mnnpFL

overloaded motorcycle 3

Who needs a truck anyway

overloaded motorcycle 4

Looks like this is a good urban solution for hauling stuff

overloaded motorcycle 5 recyclables-cart-shanghai-china

I can’t help but love how impressive all these rides are! Never underestimate what humans are capable of!
photo via:http://nydn.us/1cDygs4

1939 Pontiac Ghost Car

Presented at the New York world fair 1939-1940 the Ghost Car was the first plexiglass car ever built.



Made possible by a collaborative effort from GM and a chemical company by the name of Rohm & Haas.


Rohm & Haas had just developed plexiglass.


I love how you can see the inner workings. It’s an interesting concept. More people would know more about how their cars work every time they opened the door.






Great color scheme, it really adds to the plexi look!

Photos via: http://bit.ly/1fbLI3Q

Miniature Vintage Street Scenes

Michael Paul Smith recreates scenes from the 1920’s through the 1960’s using small scale models and some clever ways to trick the eye. The scenes look so real!

Mini Car Photos 3

It’s amazing how forced perspective can trick the mind into thinking these cars are life size.

Mini Car Photos 4

Smith does all of this without the use of Photoshop.

Mini Car Photos 1

These scenes look like they would be fun to recreate!

Mini Car Photos 2

Find more on Michael’s Flickr page http://bit.ly/1gY5XZA

Crazy Car Wrecks #1Cop Crashes

cop car crash #1


This is what everyone should do when they get pulled over…

via: http://bit.ly/aEzlBc

funny Cop_Car_Crash #1


I would love to know the back story of how this happened!

from: http://bit.ly/17qyxMg

cop crash #1

So this is what Miami cops are up to.

from: http://dailym.ai/rOmu7B

Police car crash #1


This picture should be a good reminder that no job is worth your life… hopefully this person was okay and not baldly injured.

Via: http://bit.ly/GzNGkb


1963 Walter CFGA

1963 Walter CFGA Truck

With over 3700 horse power, I’m sure this thing could tow anything.

1963 Walter CFGA

Info according to the owner… It would be so great to see this thing in person!

1963 walter CFGA airport snowplow

I wonder if that thing is strait piped… It would be funny seeing an old truck like this on the road sounding like a fighter plane and probably moving slower than a tractor…

Photos Via: http://bit.ly/19T6Z0M

Abandoned but not forgotten


Abandoned Peugeot 202 located in a small town in France called Oradour-sur-Glan that was attacked and burned by the Nazis during WW2.

For more info on Oradour-sur-Glan visit: http://www.oradour.info/index.htm

Peugeot 202 motor lust

This is what the Peugeot model 202 would have once looked like. I love the way the headlights look under that grill!

Very beautiful…

via  http://bit.ly/16zDhS5

Craigslist Find #4 1936 Chevrolet 4 door sedan

1936 chevrolet 4dr sedan

I love finding things like this on craigslist! Who knows how long this thing has been sitting.

1936 chevy sedan 4dr rusty

1936 chevy sedan

I say this would make a perfect candidate for a Ratrod!

36 chevy sedan

The guy was only asking $1000 bucks!!!

1936 chevy sedan car