Worlds Oldest Running Car

Worlds oldest car

This is the oldest four wheel car in the world (if you consider it a car) that still runs!!! It’s steam powered and had a top speed of 38mph which seems way too fast for a car that was built in 1884. Its actual name is De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux Dos-a-Dos Steam Runabout; way too long if you ask me. It seats four people sitting back to back and sitting underneath them is the water tank. It recently sold at auction for 4.6 million and throughout its life has only had four owners!


oldest car exhaust

Steam exhaust…


worlds oldest car steam lines

It’s crazy that all these parts still work! They sure don’t make them like they used to…


oldest car running

I would have killed to be here during this test run!



De Dion is the creator of the car but his own family didn’t support his experiments. They thought that he was wasting his time and actually filed injunctions on him. Despite his family’s lack of support, he succeeded in his creation and out of all the automobiles that came before and after; his is the one that is still on the road.

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Volkswagon XL1 261 MPG

Volkswagen XL1 doors open

The XL1 is a hybrid. and it only weighs close to 1900 lbs. Just for comparison, the average American car weighs in at close to 4000 lbs. .


Volkswagen XL1 on the road

It has a very low coefficient of drag which helps increase mpgs. It looks really small next to that SUV in the backgrond…

Volkswagen XL1front

VW did a good job making this little car look mean!



Looks like a mini lambo!!! Love the red!!!

I have doubts that volkswagen will actually sell these vehicles to anyone and instead they will most likely lease them… lets hope not but don’t forget what happened to the EV1… O_o


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Rat Rod Scoots

Rat Rod Vespa

Scoots can be badass too!

rat lambretta

Okay, this one is more vintage than rat but I like the look of it anyway!

rod vespa

This is my favorite Rat Scoot! I love the spoked rims!


Lambretta. funny to see clip ons on a scooter!

vespa rats

Its funny how rust can actually make somethings look cool and how it can make some things look really bad!!!

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Fully Iced Over Car

iced over

Iced over car at lake Geneva in Versoix, Switzerland .

If I woke up one morning and saw my car like this I would just text a picture of it to my boss and say I’m going back to bed!!! How is that guy in the background walking so nonchalant when there is that much ice everywhere??? He must know something I don’t.


Worlds Smallest motorized car

okay! So I posted the worlds smallest street legal car here and now I want to post the worlds smallest car that is actually motorized!


Built by Denso, this very tiny car has 24 individual parts including front bumper, rear bumper, head lights, wheels, tires, spare tire, headlights, taillights, axels, bearings, body, number plate, emblem and step. For size comparison, the bumper is thinner than the average human hair!!! It was modeled after Toyota’s first car, a 1936 AA.

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It is powered by a very small magnet motor and when some AC current is passed through its wires it actually drives. It’s top speed is a blistering 5-6 mm per second!!!

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Worlds Smallest Street legal Car “Wind Up”

worlds smallest street legal car

At 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide it’s hard to believe anyone could drive in this thing!!!


wind up. worlds smallest street legal car

Fully street legal with lights, windshield, break lights, seat-belt and all the other things to make it road worthy it can go 37mph… that might not seem very fast but in that little thing that’s crazy fast!!! I doubt that guy with the rag could fit in it though… Just saying…


world-smallest-car street legal

Its powered by a 150cc engine and is registered as a quad… looks like it has a ton of head room too!!!! 0_o


Wreck of the Thistlegorm

The Thistlegorm was an active British military merchant ship during WW2 that was sunk by German bombers on October 6, 1941. Its cargo has remained intact and relatively untouched; it has been recognized as one of the top ten diving sites in the world. The ship carried a variety of different vehicles including Norton and  BSA motorbikes, Bedford trucks, two train engines but most of its cargo was ammunition.

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Thistlegorm diver

This would be such a cool place to see!



Nature’s way of re-purposing an old ship = turning it into a home for small fish. I love that a ship of war is now a peaceful place for people to view and experience in a different way than it was first intended to be.


Thistlegorm Bedford trucks

Imagine one of these turned into a road worthy ratrod…. I know it could never actually happen but just think about it!!!


motorbike shipwreck

Only thing good on that bike is……. um……. Nothing!!! Talk about a basket case!!!


bedford truck in the wreck

The only thing that looks remotely preserved on this Bedford are the tires…  They almost look like you could pull them right out and put them to work…


Over-ly Haulin

stuff in truck

Toyota Hilux Mighty-X somewhere in Cambodia.

photo: Robby DeGraff

truck loaded and loaded with cloths

I don’t know the story on this one but I would hate to be the guy in that car next to this thing!!!


people hauling

All I really have to say is Oh My God!!!



If you couldn’t tell this is a small truck haulin a SUV…


Motorcycle Graveyard

MotorBike Graveyard

Motorcycle resting place in Lockport, New York. It would be so cool to know the story behind each of these bikes and the adventures they went on and what parts of the world they’ve seen…  To all the Motorcycles that have ever been scrapped… Rest In Peace and may your legacy live on forever.

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