Volkswagon XL1 261 MPG

Volkswagen XL1 doors open

The XL1 is a hybrid. and it only weighs close to 1900 lbs. Just for comparison, the average American car weighs in at close to 4000 lbs. .

photo: http://bit.ly/ehO6KI

Volkswagen XL1 on the road

It has a very low coefficient of drag which helps increase mpgs. It looks really small next to that SUV in the backgrond…


Volkswagen XL1front

VW did a good job making this little car look mean!

photo: http://aol.it/YTeKzq


Looks like a mini lambo!!! Love the red!!!

I have doubts that volkswagen will actually sell these vehicles to anyone and instead they will most likely lease them… lets hope not but don’t forget what happened to the EV1… O_o


More info on the XL1:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_1-litre_car

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