Craigslist Find #3 1931 Model A

Model a 1931 craigslist

Found this 1931 Ford Model A on craigslist today by accident! I love how it hasn’t been molested, and just by looking at it, you know that it was being used as a truck until the moment it was parked.

craigslist find model A

If I was in the market for a Model A right now, I would scoop this up real quick!!! By the looks of it, every part is still there! It would be fun to get it running and drive it around just like this for awhile!!! The looks you would get would be so funny!!!

Model A Craigslist find

The guy selling it is only asking $1000!!! I would have way too much fun in this thing!!!!


Worlds First 3D Printed Car Urbee

urbee 3d printed car

Urbee is the world’s first 3D printed car. It looks pretty cool if you ask me. In 2015, the makers of Urbee plan on driving from New York to┬áSan-Francisco while only using 10 Gallons of gas!!! That’s around 290 miles per gallon! They plan on traveling at a rate of 70 miles per hour when not faced with traffic jams.


3d printed urbee

Just to clarify, only the body panels are 3D printed. The rest of the car is made of normal materials found in cars on the road today.


urbee frame

Looks kinda like an oversized Go-Cart! I wonder if it’s as fun to drive as it looks?


Okay, I really don’t know of anyone who would actually want to ride in this thing!!! It’s way too low to the ground! You wouldn’t even be able to see this in your rear view mirror. I hope the makers of the Urbee succeed in their goal of traveling the United States on just 10 gallons…I just hope they don’t get crushed by someone in a Hummer along the way! To those driving the Urbee across the U.S….Good Luck!!! And to those of us driving along side of them – be on the look out for this tiny gas sipping Go-Cart…