Outrageous Motor Trends

donk 2

Okay, rides like this are called Donks. They usually have really big wheels, are lifted and are generally late 70’s to early 90’s cars.

via: http://bit.ly/16RxfHZ

big rim car donk

Donks can generally be found in more urban areas. I gotta give props to the work and dedication it takes to create a ride like this!

via: http://bit.ly/125ZlvI

Bosozoku car

We probably won’t see cars like this in the U.S. for a bit but the style of these cars are called Bosozoku. They generally have crazy body mods and huge exhaust pipes.

via: http://bit.ly/11l0rbQ

bosozoku exhaust car

Cars like this are more popular in Japan right now but I’m sure that we will see more of these type of cars in other parts of the world soon enough.

via: http://bit.ly/1cWxLFW

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