Abandoned but not forgotten


Abandoned Peugeot 202 located in a small town in France called Oradour-sur-Glan that was attacked and burned by the Nazis during WW2.

For more info on Oradour-sur-Glan visit: http://www.oradour.info/index.htm

Peugeot 202 motor lust

This is what the Peugeot model 202 would have once looked like. I love the way the headlights look under that grill!

Very beautiful…

via  http://bit.ly/16zDhS5

Craigslist Find #4 1936 Chevrolet 4 door sedan

1936 chevrolet 4dr sedan

I love finding things like this on craigslist! Who knows how long this thing has been sitting.

1936 chevy sedan 4dr rusty

1936 chevy sedan

I say this would make a perfect candidate for a Ratrod!

36 chevy sedan

The guy was only asking $1000 bucks!!!

1936 chevy sedan car