Craigslist Find #4 1936 Chevrolet 4 door sedan

1936 chevrolet 4dr sedan

I love finding things like this on craigslist! Who knows how long this thing has been sitting.

1936 chevy sedan 4dr rusty

1936 chevy sedan

I say this would make a perfect candidate for a Ratrod!

36 chevy sedan

The guy was only asking $1000 bucks!!!

1936 chevy sedan car

Craigslist Find #3 1931 Model A

Model a 1931 craigslist

Found this 1931 Ford Model A on craigslist today by accident! I love how it hasn’t been molested, and just by looking at it, you know that it was being used as a truck until the moment it was parked.

craigslist find model A

If I was in the market for a Model A right now, I would scoop this up real quick!!! By the looks of it, every part is still there! It would be fun to get it running and drive it around just like this for awhile!!! The looks you would get would be so funny!!!

Model A Craigslist find

The guy selling it is only asking $1000!!! I would have way too much fun in this thing!!!!