Miniature Vintage Street Scenes

Michael Paul Smith recreates scenes from the 1920’s through the 1960’s using small scale models and some clever ways to trick the eye. The scenes look so real!

Mini Car Photos 3

It’s amazing how forced perspective can trick the mind into thinking these cars are life size.

Mini Car Photos 4

Smith does all of this without the use of Photoshop.

Mini Car Photos 1

These scenes look like they would be fun to recreate!

Mini Car Photos 2

Find more on Michael’s Flickr page

Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic Vehicles #1

ford f650 Flat Black china

The Ford F-650 seems like it would be a good candidate for an end of the world scenario when it come to needing power and cargo room this would be a good choice. a downfall of this rig would be the amount of gas it burns. The F-650 would be able to ram through miles of abandoned cars but in the event of a gas shortage it would run out of fuel laving you stranded and wishing for a more eco friendly utility vehicle.



The FX-4 From FX Bikes is the worlds lightest adult sized dirt bike/ motorcycle. It has a 125cc engine and only wights 125lbs this is definitely being added to my survival list! That thing is so light I could lift it over a fence myself! It seems like you could take this thing though any kind of terrain and it also looks like it would be really fun!

off road beetle

Believe it or not the VW Beetle makes the list! These tried and true rigs are very easy to work on with their simple air-cooled engine and are also very reliable. I say the most important thing about an end of the world vehicle is the ability to find parts and VW produced around 21.5 Million of them and has the 4th highest production numbers of all time.


If I had to choose one of the three I think I would pick the bug!!! and it looks really sick!!!!

Craigslist Find #3 1931 Model A

Model a 1931 craigslist

Found this 1931 Ford Model A on craigslist today by accident! I love how it hasn’t been molested, and just by looking at it, you know that it was being used as a truck until the moment it was parked.

craigslist find model A

If I was in the market for a Model A right now, I would scoop this up real quick!!! By the looks of it, every part is still there! It would be fun to get it running and drive it around just like this for awhile!!! The looks you would get would be so funny!!!

Model A Craigslist find

The guy selling it is only asking $1000!!! I would have way too much fun in this thing!!!!