Overly Haulin #2

Overload motorcycle 2

Look at the guy on the bike trying to keep things from falling!
photo via:http://bit.ly/1byPrg6

overloaded motorcycle 1

I don’t even know how this is physically possible!
from: http://bit.ly/1mnnpFL

overloaded motorcycle 3

Who needs a truck anyway

overloaded motorcycle 4

Looks like this is a good urban solution for hauling stuff

overloaded motorcycle 5 recyclables-cart-shanghai-china

I can’t help but love how impressive all these rides are! Never underestimate what humans are capable of!
photo via:http://nydn.us/1cDygs4

1975 Honda Goldwing Ratbike “El Guapo”


Okay! This is what people should think about when they think of a RatBike. Traditional RatBikes are cool in their own regard but to me this style of build comes to mind when I think of what a RatBike truly represents.


Tastefully rusty.


Love to see the drilled rotors on this bike.


A professionally wrapped seat really makes a bike stand out. To all who have custom bike projects… GET THOSE SEATS PROFESSIONALLY WRAPPED!!!!   0_0


The right amount of grease and grime = Looks Good!!! Too much grease and grime = you need to wash that thing!!!

all photos via:  http://bit.ly/swZtTq

Craigslist Find #2

1993 Honda Civic Drag Car

crazy civic drag car

Came across this Civic. According to the owner it has 842whp and ran a best ¼ mile of 8.85. Crazy fast for a front wheel drive car!!!

built b18c1 motor

In this case the Down pipe = the Up pipe…

drag stance civic

So funny to see a traditional drag stance reversed!

gutted civic

Props to this guy for all the work it took to get this thing where it’s at! Good luck with the sale…

From: http://bit.ly/10s8o92