Overly Haulin #2

Overload motorcycle 2

Look at the guy on the bike trying to keep things from falling!
photo via:http://bit.ly/1byPrg6

overloaded motorcycle 1

I don’t even know how this is physically possible!
from: http://bit.ly/1mnnpFL

overloaded motorcycle 3

Who needs a truck anyway

overloaded motorcycle 4

Looks like this is a good urban solution for hauling stuff

overloaded motorcycle 5 recyclables-cart-shanghai-china

I can’t help but love how impressive all these rides are! Never underestimate what humans are capable of!
photo via:http://nydn.us/1cDygs4

Motorcycle Graveyard

MotorBike Graveyard

Motorcycle resting place in Lockport, New York. It would be so cool to know the story behind each of these bikes and the adventures they went on and what parts of the world they’ve seen…  To all the Motorcycles that have ever been scrapped… Rest In Peace and may your legacy live on forever.

photo by Chris Seward @ http://bit.ly/11XgyYs