Wreck of the Thistlegorm

The Thistlegorm was an active British military merchant ship during WW2 that was sunk by German bombers on October 6, 1941. Its cargo has remained intact and relatively untouched; it has been recognized as one of the top ten diving sites in the world. The ship carried a variety of different vehicles including Norton and  BSA motorbikes, Bedford trucks, two train engines but most of its cargo was ammunition.

more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Thistlegorm

Thistlegorm diver

This would be such a cool place to see!

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Nature’s way of re-purposing an old ship = turning it into a home for small fish. I love that a ship of war is now a peaceful place for people to view and experience in a different way than it was first intended to be.

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Thistlegorm Bedford trucks

Imagine one of these turned into a road worthy ratrod…. I know it could never actually happen but just think about it!!!

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motorbike shipwreck

Only thing good on that bike is……. um……. Nothing!!! Talk about a basket case!!!

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bedford truck in the wreck

The only thing that looks remotely preserved on this Bedford are the tires…  They almost look like you could pull them right out and put them to work…

from: http://bit.ly/10YUkmK